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Boat Moving Through Harbor

Prop Doctors specializes in boat and propeller repair services, and we offer propeller repair, boat repair and winterization service of all varieties in the Denver, CO area.


At Prop Doctors we take great pride in our excellent craftsmanship. We are dedicated to providing you with the best, most reliable propeller repair service available. We can replace, repair or upgrade your electrical system, motors and propellers, offering new or used watercraft parts and accessories. We sell aluminum, brass and steel propellers and have years of experience in working on all propeller types. Come on in to have them balanced, repaired and re-pitched. Have a new cup, hub or edge added or the existing one modified.


Damaged props decrease your boat's performance and increases fuel usage. It could cause further damage to your vessel. We can help you with propeller repair, boat repair, propeller replacement and boat winterization. Our service includes welding of nicks and cracks, grinding, straightening and balancing along with much more.


When you bring your propeller to us for maintenance or repair we're checking the following components:


  • Angular spacing of the blades
  • Balance
  • Blade diameter
  • Cupping
  • Pitch and Rake
  • Tracking/Indexing of blade edges


Overall services include:


  • Aluminum propeller repair
  • Boat repair
  • Propeller repair
  • Propeller replacement
  • Stainless propeller repair
  • Winterization services


We know boats and we can provide you with reliable boat supplies, parts and service. Call us today for a

free estimate.